Introduction to Lattix Architect for Embedded Software

Introduction to Lattix Architect for Embedded Software

Introduction to Lattix Architect for Embedded Software What is Lattix Architect? In the landscape of embedded software development, ensuring robust architecture and maintaining high code quality are paramount. Enter Lattix Architect, a powerful tool designed to address these very needs. Lattix Architect stands as a beacon of sophistication in the realm of software architecture, offering […]

How to Setup a Lattix Architect Project from Parasoft C++Test Data for your Embedded Software

How to Setup Lattix Architect from Parasoft C++Test

Summary: Welcome to our tutorial where we demystify the process of importing your embedded software code project into Lattix Architect using dependency files generated from Parasoft C++Test. If you’ve been wrestling with the wealth of documentation available yet finding it less than straightforward, you’re in the right place. In this guide, based on practical experience, […]

Introduction to Static Analysis for C and C++

Static Code Analysis for C and Cpp

Summary: This post will teach you what static analysis is in C and C++ languages and why it is important. You will learn how to use static analysis as part of your development process and tips on how to automate it. Introduction to Static Analysis The “four stages of competence” is a well-known learning model […]

Code Documentation using Doxygen – Why, How and Automating the Process

Code Documentation With Doxygen

Summary: How and why to document your code using the free tool Doxygen, make your documentation available online, and how to automate the process with free tools. “Comments often are used as a deodorant.” — Martin Fowler and Kent Beck, Refactoring, page 87 Forward The agile software manifesto states: Individuals and interactions over processes and […]

How Doxygen Helps You Write Better Code in C/C++?

How Can Doxygen Help You Write Better Code in C and C++

Summary: In this post, you will get an insight into how Doxygen helps create exceptional documentation and how it enables you to write C/C++ code more professionally.  Doxygen is an open-source tool used to generate documentation for a software codebase. Doxygen supports various languages, including C and C++. It generates the software documentation in HTML, […]