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Are you getting the most out of your embedded development team?

Did an embarrassing bug appear in a software version you released?

Tired of finding a bug in a part of your code that once used to work?

Is your software development time taking too long and missing deadlines?

Confused by all the code review tools and DevOps jargon out there?

Would you like to automate your code review and testing process but lack the technical skills to set it up?

Novodes Will Help Your Embedded Software Team Fulfill its Potential and Stand Out

Let us handle your embedded software development and testing and watch as your software launches become reliable and on time!

Easy Setup

Get your new firmware development processes set up quickly and efficiently without affecting your daily work.

Improve your software reliability

Novodes will set up automatic tools in your development process that find critical bugs for you and reduce the risk of your programs failing.

Save Time

Stop manually looking for bugs and attempting to test your software ineffectively – let Novodes automate it for you.

Improve Your Code Quality

Stop manually looking for bugs and attempting to test your software ineffectively – let Novodes automate it for you.

Avoid Technical Hassles

Stop manually looking for bugs and attempting to test your software ineffectively – let Novodes automate it for you.

Show Off Your Software

Stand out from the competition and present your released program with confidence, on time and with low fail rates.

Let Us Help Your Embedded Software Team Become Better Developers

We are embedded software developers like you, and we found and harnessed the tools and processes to improve our code quality. We created Novodes to make those tools and processes accessible to you too.

We understand how it feels to write a software program with your best efforts just to see it crash when presented to a client.

We know what it’s like to spend hours trying to integrate external support tools into your development process when you’d rather spend it on actually writing code.

We’ve been frustrated, too, with the technical challenges of using complicated tools to improve our code quality.

Some of our Clients

Start Improving Your Firmware Development Process Today

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Schedule a Call

Easily schedule a call with us on our Calendar. We would like to get to know you and learn how to help you.

Get an Action Plan

Soon after the meeting we will send you a detailed proposal with listed activities, deliverables, a timeline and a final price.

See Results

With proper development processes in place, your software reliability will improve and your customers will thank you for it.

Start Today Writing Embedded Software Like a Pro

As software developers, we know you always strive to become a more professional programmer. To do that, you need to use the right tools to support your code development efforts and improve your code quality. However, there are so many tools that it could be difficult to know what to choose, and it is technically challenging to set them up yourself. This makes you feel like you are not fulfilling your potential as a developer. We believe you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use such tools and that they should be easily accessible to all developers. We understand how frustrating it feels to try and find hidden bugs in your code. We know what it’s like to have your program fail just when you thought it was finally stable. That’s why Novodes designed systems to help firmware engineers properly develop their programs and improve their reliability.

Here’s how it works:

First, Schedule a Call with our Embedded Software Solutions Specialist. Second, following our call, you will get an action plan with listed activities, deliverables, timeline, and price. Finally, you will see results once the action plan is implemented. Schedule a call with us now so that you can stop wasting your time releasing embedded software programs with bugs and, instead, improve your software reliability and time to market.

How to Dramatically Improve Your Embedded Software Quality and Reliability and Release Versions Faster?
Eyal Gerber

By Eyal Gerber

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